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Trafficking in Taiwan Aboriginal Music Summary and Analysis †Music Paper

Trafficking in Taiwan Aboriginal Music Summary and Analysis – Music Paper Free Online Research Papers â€Å"Trafficking in Taiwan Aboriginal Music† Summary and Analysis Music Paper In this article, Nancy Guy raises the issue on how artists from the First World use â€Å"exotic† material produced from indigenous world music but do not acknowledge their uses. Therefore the recording artists are the ones who benefit and profit and not the original creators. Since there are no official copyright laws for international music there is an easier access for stealing music. In the U.S. there are strict copyright laws but only for music with an author and provide a physical copy. Given that through generations, indigenous music is usually passed down orally, there is no specific author or a â€Å"tangible† copy. Guy presents an example with the case between an artist from the U.S., Michael Cretu versus aboriginal singers from Amis tribe in Taiwan. In Cretu’s song, â€Å"Return of the Innocence† a large portion contains Ami singers’ voices but they were not recognized in any way. This resulted in the Ami singers suing Cretu and EMI recording company. As stated in the article, the whole controversy could have been avoided if a few words recognizing the Ami music were printed on the album. Although it seems like common sense to recognize people’s work when you use it for your own purpose, sometimes it is forgotten. This issue is similar to today’s controversy of sharing music through the internet without compensating the music artists and recording companies. I feel that it is unethical to steal music but it depends on if the person is using it as his or her own music or just listening to it. These types of copyright issues are hard to solve but for now it should be left to the legal system. Research Papers on â€Å"Trafficking in Taiwan Aboriginal Music† Summary and Analysis - Music PaperHip-Hop is ArtWhere Wild and West MeetMoral and Ethical Issues in Hiring New EmployeesAnalysis Of A Cosmetics AdvertisementAnalysis of Ebay Expanding into AsiaRelationship between Media Coverage and Social andEffects of Television Violence on ChildrenPETSTEL analysis of IndiaQuebec and CanadaMind Travel

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A Guide to a Painless Undergrad Econometrics Project

A Guide to a Painless Undergrad Econometrics Project Most economics departments require second- or third-year undergraduate students to complete an econometrics project and write a paper on their findings. Many students find that choosing a  research topic  for their required  econometrics  project is just as difficult as the project itself.  Econometrics is the application of statistical and  mathematical theories  and perhaps some computer science to economic data. The example below shows how to use  Okuns law  to create an econometrics project. Okuns law refers to how the nations output- its  gross domestic product- is related to employment and unemployment. For this econometrics project guide, youll test whether Okuns law holds true in America. Note that this is just an example project- youll need to chose your own topic- but the explanation shows how you can create a painless, yet informative, project using a basic statistical test, data that you can easily obtain from the U.S. government, and a computer spreadsheet program to compile the data. Gather Background Information With your topic chosen, start by gathering background information about the theory youre testing by doing a   t-test. To do so, use the  following function:   Yt 1 - 0.4 Xt Where:Yt  is the change in the unemployment rate in percentage pointsXt  is the change in the percentage growth rate in real output, as measured by real GDP So you will be estimating the model:  Yt b1 b2 Xt Where:Yt is the change in the unemployment rate in percentage pointsXt is the change in the percentage growth rate in real output, as measured by real GDPb1 and b2 are the parameters you are trying to estimate. To estimate your parameters, you will need data. Use  quarterly economic data  compiled by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, which is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce. To use this information, save each of the files individually. If youve done everything correctly, you should see something that looks like this  fact sheet  from the BEA, containing quarterly GDP results. Once youve downloaded the data, open it in a spreadsheet program, such as Excel. Finding the Y and X Variables Now that youve got the data file open, start to look for what you need. Locate the data for your Y variable. Recall that Yt  is the change in the unemployment rate in percentage points. The change in the unemployment rate in percentage points is in the column labeled UNRATE(chg), which is column I. By looking at column A, you see that the  quarterly unemployment rate  change data runs from  April 1947 to October 2002  in cells G24-G242, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics figures. Next, find your X variables. In your model, you only have one X variable, Xt, which is the change in the percentage growth rate in real output as measured by real GDP. You see that this variable is in the column marked GDPC96(%chg), which is in Column E. This data runs from April 1947 to October 2002 in cells E20-E242. Setting Up Excel Youve identified the data you need, so you can compute the regression coefficients using Excel. Excel is missing a lot of the features of more sophisticated econometrics packages, but for doing a simple linear regression, it is a useful tool. Youre also much more likely to use Excel when you enter the real world than you are to use an econometrics package, so being proficient in Excel is a useful skill. Your Yt  data is in cells G24-G242 and your Xt  data is in cells E20-E242. When doing a linear regression, you need to have an associated X entry for every Yt  entry and vice-versa. The Xts in cells E20-E23 do not have an associated Yt  entry, so you will not use them. Instead, you will use only the Yt  data in cells G24-G242 and your Xt  data in cells E24-E242. Next, calculate your regression coefficients (your b1  and b2). Before continuing, save your work under a different filename so that  at any time, you can revert back to your original data. Once youve downloaded the data and opened Excel, you can calculate your regression coefficients. Setting Excel Up for Data Analysis To set up Excel for data analysis, go to the tools  menu on the top of the screen and find Data Analysis. If  Data Analysis  is not there, then youll have to  install it. You cannot do regression analysis in Excel without the Data Analysis ToolPak installed. Once youve selected  Data Analysis  from the  tools  menu, youll see a menu of choices such as Covariance and F-Test Two-Sample for Variances. On that menu, select Regression. Once there, youll see a form, which you need to fill in. Start by filling in the field that says Input Y Range. This is your unemployment rate data in cells G24-G242. Choose these cells by typing $G$24:$G$242 into the little white box next to  Input Y Range  or by clicking on the icon next to that white box then selecting those cells with your mouse.  The second field youll need to fill in is the Input X Range. This is the percent change in GDP data in cells E24-E242. You can choose these cells by typing $E$24:$E$242 into the little white box next to  Input X Range  or by clicking on the icon next to that white box then selecting those cells with your mouse. Lastly, you will have to name the page that will contain your regression results. Make sure you have New Worksheet Ply selected, and in the white field beside it, type in a name like Regression. Click OK. Using the Regression Results You should see a tab at the bottom of your screen called  Regression  (or whatever you named it) and some regression results. If youve gotten the intercept coefficient between 0 and 1, and the x variable coefficient between 0 and -1, youve likely done it correctly. With this data, you have all of the information you need for analysis including R Square, coefficients, and standard errors. Remember that you were attempting to estimate the intercept coefficient b1  and the X coefficient b2. The intercept coefficient b1  is located in the row named Intercept and in the column named Coefficient. Your slope coefficient b2  is located in the row named X variable 1 and in the column named Coefficient. It will likely have a value, such as BBB and the associated standard error DDD. (Your values may differ.) Jot these figures down (or print them out) as you will need them for analysis. Analyze your regression results for your term paper by doing  hypothesis testing on this sample t-test. Though this project focused on Okuns Law, you can use this same kind of methodology to create just about any econometrics project.

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Fences (play) by August Wilson Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Fences (play) by August Wilson - Essay Example he name of the play comes from the request made by Rose that Tory and Cory build a fence around their backyard which seems to represent her wish to keep the family together. It also shows her desire to keep those whom she loves close to her within the same house even if they are not really willing or able to stay with her. Despite these wishes of a perfect family oriented life, Rose is not someone who lives in the dream world since she is quite a realist in her expectations. The backdrop of the drama is taking place against race issues and the development of the idea of being African American while living with all the prejudice and hatred one has to suffer as an African American. In this sense, Rose does not have a longing for better days to come or a nostalgic approach which is displayed by other characters. She accepts what she has been given in life and the role she has to play in the world is very clear to her since she is a mother and wife to the best of her abilities. She is certainly trying to improve her condition through practical and available means such as asking her son and husband to build a fence for her but she does not seek out things which might be too much to ask for from the world. In fact, the only thing she does seek quite strongly is a bright future for her own son. She supports his decision to play football and supports him fully in his struggle to be a player that can overcome the barriers placed before him due to his race. As further proof of her compassion, she accepts the illegitimate child of her husband with open arms even though she does not forgive her husband for cheating on her. This reflects the nurturing and sensitive side of her nature and it does certainly add to her character as a mother figure. As a mother figure, Rose certainly goes through her trials and tribulations the least of which is coming to terms with seeing the proof of her husband’s faithlessness in front of her. However, it is her mother instinct which takes

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Research Paper Topics That You Should Not Miss

Research Paper Topics That You Should Not MissResearch paper topics can be really interesting, especially when the topic that is under discussion is a matter of global concern. One can find a wide range of topics for these papers, but the ones that tend to stand out tend to be research papers dealing with global warming and economic issues. Global warming is not just about global warming in the United States, it is about global warming in every country in the world.The effects of the planet's environment on human civilization have increased recently due to rising temperatures and environmental issues. An obvious effect is the increase in global temperatures, and an even more important one is the increased climate change in some countries. There are several theories concerning global warming that are well established and scientifically sound. One of these theories states that the global warming phenomenon is not just natural occurrences but that there is a change in the climate that h as been caused by human beings, which actually is a fact.Environmental and economic issues are not new, but when this occurs it causes a lot of trouble. Some say that the weather has affected politics, which is true, and this has led to the financial crisis, which is an unfortunate fact. There have been several reports made about this condition, and the only way to handle this problem is to take precautionary measures that will not only be useful to your personal finances, but to the general public as well.Some researchers feel that global warming is a myth, and yet there is no doubt that the rising temperatures are a reality. The answer to this problem is through having an awareness of global warming, as this would mean taking an active part in fixing the problem. This research paper topics that are concerned with climate change and economics might not only be used in the research field but also in the business field.Global warming is being discussed more often in the media, and th ere are studies that deal with the effects of global warming and the economic issues that it might bring. An analysis of the results of some of these studies would not only be interesting to the reader but also to the business people who would consider investing in something related to the climate change and economics issue. Aside from getting some information regarding the subject, this research paper topics can also be utilized in an academic environment or in the business industry. This is because they are related topics, so they can be used to teach certain classes in college.Having knowledge on both climate change and economic issues could be very useful to the business community. For example, some companies may choose to have a team, which deals with environmental issues, in order to avoid some economic loss. These topics can also be used in the news, as they are topics that are often covered in the media.In summary, this research paper topics are just useful in two cases. In the first case, this can be used in order to teach the students about global warming, and in the second case, they can be used in the business world, as they are topics that are commonly used in the news. Moreover, if you are looking for topics that are not related to these subjects, you can search for them online. In this way, you can use these topics to improve your knowledge about your chosen subjects, and you can also obtain knowledge that you might not have otherwise.

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The Quintessential Guide to Curious Writer Personal Essay Chapter

The Quintessential Guide to Curious Writer Personal Essay Chapter Curious Writer Personal Essay Chapter: No Longer a Mystery The essay isn't about camping in any respect, but about the fragile character of nature. A personal essay grants you the prerogative to express in yourself in a way which you are comfortable. For instance, an essay about your very first visit to France might incorporate a point what you learned from the experience. Conclusion, a person of succeeding in leadership has a fantastic achievement, the study also proved they have the capability of the management, they will make things develop smoothly, also can get satisfactory outcomes. Successful and productive leaders should have good communication with people and set a direction to that objective. Personal successes are a measure of the capability of individuals and have various ideas. Even if you crash into a committee member later on, he'll have no method of connecting your essay (out of the thousands he's read) to you. Dr. Everything you must jumpstart your assignment. You may want to answer the question as directly as possible, and you are going to want to follow word limits exactly. As a consequence, you get to actively take part in telling your private story without needing to do any of the tough work. The typical word count appeared to be around 320. You don't get another opportunity to make a first impression. There's a particular kind of private essay that, for a very long time, everybody seemed to hate. If you're absent on your assigned day you cannot make this up. Even though the work is unified by the frame of one evening stroll, it may also be considered a mix of many individual framed moments. Our site is just one of the most appropriate for essay help. You can rely on the very best essay help online. If you don't contact me on the day the assignment is due there is not any manner I can help you. Nobody is likely to sit and deeply consider that which you have written. There's no elevator to success you've got to take the staircase. Today's tips concentrate on the personal essay. Struggling with you should create a quick story unfolds and inspiration. Curious Writer Personal Essay Chapter and Curious Writer Personal Essay Chapter - The Perfect Combination Another benefit of our website is the quickness. Our site features custom writing help and editing aid. Ask three unique experts what a personal essay is and you'll probably get three unique answers. Even though a personal essay might have quite a loose language, you still ought to avoid slang and cliches, which might produce the text much weaker. What the In-Crowd Won't Tell You About Curious Writer Personal Essay Chapter Writing a great paper will ask that you concentrate on several vivid particulars and look at them from another angle. If you lack ideas and don't understand where to start, we've prepared a list of private essay topics, which might assist you to begin. Topics include research, writing procedure, and revision procedure. Deciding upon the essay topic for your private essay is easy as you're well familiarized with the subject. The site is truly a collective supply of helpful devices and data. There are lots of styles of essay writing you can utilize to tackle a topic. The introduction is the initial paragraph of an official essay and ought to include three things. Your introduction should also be in possession of a narrative thesis. Subsequently, essay was defined in a number of ways. There are other types of essays. A personal essay is a wide essay which often incorporates a number of writing styles. It is one of the most common types of writing assignment--and not only in freshman composition courses.

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The Fight Against Talk about Being Gay in College Essay

The Fight Against Talk about Being Gay in College Essay Professional development which takes time is required to decrease bullying. In such circumstances, LGBT students are advised to focus on the subtleties of your own personal interactions. When facing a challenge, it's simple to stop. To define your career objectives, take your distinctive strengths and past experience into consideration. Turning the disengaged onlooker into a potential defender is a fair goal. Getting in a position to join groups with those who share similar interests or backgrounds is a big benefit of attending college, so benefit from it. The Downside Risk of Talk about Being Gay in College Essay A well written gay essay isn't difficult to find. There are professional experts who will be able to help you with a great gay essay for your need. So you don't actually need to come across a topic! If you're in the center of your essay writing procedure, you will want to see our suggestions on what essa y pitfalls to prevent. This is going to be a snap in the majority of urban places, but you may need to do a little bit more research in more compact towns. When you read a story about food, most folks warm up and get started contemplating their very own favorite foods and household gatherings. Real men and women are reading your program, and we would like to do our very best to understand and appreciate the actual individuals applying to Duke. Colleges are not searching for perfect men and women. You figure out how to shrugg it off. The more involved you get, the more you're get to understand about the other individuals in your group to determine if sparks fly with anyone. You didn't know whether you ought to go. It takes slightly more effort to be hyperaware, but nevertheless, it might help you find a possible match in the area where you least expect it. After just a couple months, I swam in addition to the other team members. On the very first day, all of the team membe rs dived into the water after the coach gave the purchase. A Startling Fact about Talk about Being Gay in College Essay Uncovered Individuals are terrified of what it is that they don't understand. If you'd like to view all the changes I made, you may use the Track Changes feature. We have to interact with people. They want to learn what type of person you're, how you are going to face the challenges of college life, and how likely you should succeed whenever there are obstacles in your path. A good deal of students make the error of attempting to second-guess what the admissions folks wish to hear in an essay, then write about somethingn't actually central to their interests and passions. Now onto the typical mistakes. The 30-Second Trick for Talk about Being Gay in College Essay If string theory is very true, then the full world is composed of strings, and I can't tie a single one. In Paragraph 5, you use the word you (But if you would like to attain something) when you' re attempting to make an overall statement and aren't actually attempting to tell the reader what things to do. The second sort of sentence stimulates the imagination and produces a relation to the author. There's a significant switch here from the sub-microscopic strings which make up string theory to the true bodily strings that it is possible to tie in real life. As a consequence, it produces a state of loneliness and isolation in their opinion. So, being homosexual could possibly be based on the nucleus and purpose of sexual hormones. Inside my opinion, they're the people who have the maximum influence on LGBT youths and subsequently have the capacity to decrease substance abuse, educational failure, and suicides. The second element people want to contemplate is, sexual orientation isn't a choice and homosexuality isn't a mental illness. The Basics of Talk about Being Gay in College Essay Individuation is critical to be able to survive and more to the point, thrive. I t all starts with the proper topic that simultaneously shows your capacity to write well while painting a photo of who you are in an easy and authentic fashion. Therefore many incredible details here. Also depart from your sexual activities from the frame. New Step by Step Roadmap for Talk about Being Gay in College Essay This kind of essay question supplies you with the chance to convey your achievements at work and your professional growth. In the modern society the BGL acceptance is extremely poor. Being BGL is part of your biology. There's no place on earth like writing class and we wish to bring you in. There's the circumstance and what the story is all about. Later, as soon as you're listening that what you recorded story to find a feeling of the way to write it, you could also receive a feeling of the tone with which you need to tell that story. The episode is all about writing a story supposed to be told out loud. Your stories aren't debatable. Paragraph 4 woul d be made better by details about just what the practice included. In the event the answers you get from your district aren't satisfactory, if bullying prevention is not quite as crucial as standardized test scores, then develop into an advocate for change. These questions should inform your complete college application procedure. Please don't hesitate to contact me in case you have any questions relating to this revision.

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Coca cola Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Coca cola - Essay Example John Pemberton died within two years of invention and the brand was then purchased by Asa Candler in 1889. The beverage was initially sold at 5 cents for each glass in Jacob’s Pharmacy. The company expanded its operations mostly within 1900 to 1920. The marketing strategy of Asa Griggs Candler has helped the product to lead the market of soft drinks all throughout the twentieth century (â€Å"The Chronicle of Coca-Cola: The Candler Era†). The Coca Cola Company manufactures concentrated coca cola or coke. This concentrated product is sold to all the licensed bottlers of Coca Cola who sell these products all over the world (â€Å"Overview†). The bottlers have territorial contract with Coca Cola Company and they produce the finished products of the company in bottles or cans from their initial concentrated state and then sell them all over the world. Occasionally there are other cola drinks available which are sold under the same brand name of ‘Coca Colaâ€⠄¢. The most common drinks in this form are Caffeine free Coca Cola, Coca Cola Cherry, Diet Coke Caffeine free, etc. The Coca Cola brand has been ranked as the most valuable brand in the world on the basis of Interbrand’s best global brand in the year 2011. ... Moreover, the reason behind choosing coca cola is its unique taste and saltiness (â€Å"Family, Food and Coca Cola†). However, presently it has been seen that the customer preferences towards non alcoholic drinks like Coca Cola is changing because of the increasing health concerns, demand of other alcoholic competitive products in the market and changes in the life style of the consumers (â€Å"The Five Mega-Trends Shaping Tomorrow's Customers†). The five mega trends of the customer’s preferences would be driving the beverage industry. They are: mass urbanization, aging population; rise of the middle class globally, changing technology and concern of people related to sustainable society (â€Å"COKE CEO: These Five Consumer Mega Trends Are Changing the World†). Among all top beverage producing companies PepsiCo is having huge demand among the consumers. Thus, Coca Cola faces high competition from PepsiCo. There has been increasing demand of Coke Zero produ ct of the Coca Cola Company in the market in order to satisfy the health conscious customers (â€Å"How Coca Cola Keeps Up with Shifting Consumers Demands†). This product is found to have higher penetration in the market because of men rather than women. However, it has also been found that the college students have great affinity towards varieties of Coke like Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Coca Cola Classic. The next portion of the study would be conducting a primary open ended survey by means of an interview of the potential customers of the brand ‘Coca Cola’. The customers who were focused while conducting the research belonged to the young age group. Primary Research Do you think that packaging, taste and calories are three important